Aussie Hoopla

Aussie Hoopla is big! Aussie Hoopla run by Dan Boyce is the only Australian basketball podcast that is ranked in iTunes top 5 sports podcasts.

MyHoops has entered into a partnership with Aussie Hoopla to showcase our basketball training programs.  Once a month, Bruce Bolden appears on the podcast with Dan to talks about MyHoops basketball training programs for kids in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  Dan and Bruce also talk about the NBA and how Bruce’s son Jonah fitting into life with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Aussie Hoopla’s podcast features the biggest names in Australian basketball – Cal Bruton, Andrew Bogut, Leroy Loggins, David Anderson, Kevin Lisch, Brad Newley, Corey Webster, Sam McKinnon, Daniel Johnson…and that was just in one podcast (September 2018).

MyHoops is excited and proud to be a partner with Aussie Hoopla who provide such a great connection to a rich tapestry of past and present stars of Australian basketball.

MyHoops is passionately committed to encouraging young Australians to become involved and participate in the sport of basketball through providing professional coaching and support for the beginner through to the elite – maybe one day we will unearth a future star whom features in an Aussie Hoopla podcast.