Behaviour is Better with Basketball

Sometimes problematic behavior happens because children do not have the perquisite skills to handle your expectations.  This means that new skills may help with difficult behaviour.  Basketball skills training for kids can be an important first step in managing their behaviour.  Basketball training for kids involves verbal instructions, discipline, modelling and step-by-step guidance to teach physical and social skills required to learn the game.  Skills take time to develop so practice, repetition, praise and encouragement are key.

Kids find it easier to understand instructions if the lesson is broken down the skill or task into steps.  Likewise, modelling might work better if you give instructions at the same time.  The video below was taken at one of our MyHoops training sessions, which shows step by step instructions of what children are required to do and modelling by watching other children performing the same drill.

By watching the coach and other kids participating in basketball drills, your child learns what to do and how to do it.  This is called modelling, which is usually most efficient way to teach kids a new skill.

Our coaches make sure that:

  • They have the child’s attention and make sure they looking
  • Get the child to watch first, then move slowly through the steps of the skill so that your child can clearly see what is occurring
  • Point out the important parts of the skill
  • Give the child lots of opportunities to practice
  • Always give praise and encouragement not negative feedback

It is great to watch kids grow in confidence with new found basketball skills and learning social skills of practicing with a group of other kids.