The Art of Dribbling

Dribbling is one of the fundamental skills of the game of basketball.  At an early age, toddlers bounce any ball around the house.  Dribbling becomes the first basketball skill explored.  As toddlers grow into kids, it is assumed that dribbling is an assumed skill.  I can tell you that it is not.  Back in my era, you learnt to dribble with one hand and if you dribbled behind the back or between the legs you were a show off or other less salubrious descriptions.

Today, a lot of young kids have an array of dribbling skills.  However many do not.  All coaches should be teaching kids of all ages and all skill levels how to dribble correctly with both hands.  This is what we teach at MyHoops.  It is the skill that is paramount.  We do not assume all kids can dribble, so we break it down and teach them the first skill.

A whole lot of MyHoopers showing how it is done:

All kids always should be encouraged to try and dribble in games even when a turnover results.  To master the dribble is to become a better basketball players.  Good dribbling is used to advance the ball up the court, shorten a pass, improve a passing angle, balance the floor in the half court create an open shot and drive to the lane or basket.

Our MyHoops Coaches educate players on exactly why they are dribbling the basketball.  Too often the ball is dribbled without purpose.  Use the dribble to help yourself and your teammates improve scoring opportunities.  Good methodology of dribbling will allow your team to execute a sharp offensive set and each player to become better.