Basketball Mentors

I learnt to play basketball as a kid by reading Lindsay Gaze’s ‘Learn to Play Basketball’.  Images of the rocker step and crossover are firmly etched into my mind!  Growing up, there was no-one providing basketball training for kids and NBA games were aired at 4am, which I taped with my VCR.

As a sporting community we have come a long way.  Now here are many basketball training providers, NBA games can be watched at a flick of a button and you can DIY train by watching the proliferation of basketball videos on You Tube.

However, one thing remains the same.  It is always about quality.  Half the battle is finding yourself the right coach, the right mentor, the right person to teach you the fundamentals in basketball and in life.

These kids in the video below have the right coach.  They love playing basketball and one of the reasons is that their coach (Bruce Bolden) cares about them.  These kids have passion.

This video was taken at Sydney Olympic Park at a MyHoops training camp.  One can only hope that these amazing kids can carry the lessons and skills that Bruce has taught them into their teenage and adult lives.