Basketball Training in Schools

The benefits of Basketball Training in Schools

Basketball is a great sport to teach in schools as part of the physical education curriculum.  The sport teaches a student continuous movement skills and involves a lot of running, jumping, dribbling, passing, and shooting.  Basketball involves a lot of swift movement and rigorous use of the entire body, muscles and limbs, which results in immense benefits in physical health.

What skills does basketball help children acquire?

Basketball skill increases the symbiotic relationship between body and mind.  Not only does basketball increases fitness; but shooting the ball into the hoop, requires immense concentration, a good aim and great accuracy, all of which can be achieved through a lot of practice.  Learning to target and building precision is a life-long skill that a student can benefit from.

Is basketball training fun for kids?

This video shows boys and girls students working together in a MyHoops training session to develop new basketball skills (and having lots of fun).

How does My Hoops help life and academic skills?

MyHoops basketball training in schools helps students understand teamwork and problem solving skills and therefore many students whom play sport do better academically.  The MyHoops basketball training program focuses on achieving learning outcomes and indicators.

Basketball training teaches school students new skills in conjunction with the skills they learn in the school curriculum.  Students learn self-discipline as basketball has rules to follow and if not adhered to will lead to penalties.  Basketball teaches students strategy.  Dribbling and passing techniques and shooting tips make basketball a very strategic game to play.  School students can learn to interact and operate in a team and jointly come up with winning plans and tactics.

How does basketball help children to build confidence and friendships?

Students, both boys and girls, working together fosters team spirit, which in turn helps to better socialize and make greater bonds of friendships.  Finally basketball training boosts a student’s self-esteem.  Their confidence will greatly improve as they gain control over the ball and the strategy of the game, which will reflect in their overall personality.